Whats New at Stats Central

Wednesday 18th November

The statistics and boxscores for this year's MLB postseason have been added, as well as the award winners being updated. New pages include the Rookie of the Year winners since 1947, NHL's Philadelphia Flyers season stats for 1967-98, bringing the total teams done to 14.

Wednesday 4th November

As Freeservers was down last week I could not change the errors that have popped up in the MLB index page, but those errors have been corrected. More NHL team stats have been added with Carolina and Phoenix being placed on the NHL index page (Whalers and Jets fans will see the team stats for both teams 1979 onwards).

Monday 26th October

Three more NHL teams stats have been added to the NHL index page. Full season by season stats for Anaheim, Calgary, and the Islanders have been posted.

Monday 19th October

A start has been made on the NHL section of Stats Central, with the idea of providing the year by year stats for each team, as well as a team history (in the mould of the baseball version). Currently seven teams have been finished, the team stats are located at the NHL index page.

Also the NBA stats for seasons 1986-87, and 1987-88 have been changed, with all errors being removed and stats updated to reflect trades and rookies.

Monday 5th October

All of the 1998 team stats, both batting and pitching, have been updated for all National League Teams.

Sunday 4th October

New team-by-team stats are now up for NBA teams from 1972-73 to 1997-98, as well as the league standings for each season.

Friday 2nd October

All of the 1998 team stats, both batting and pitching, have been updated for all American League Teams, and several National League Teams.

Monday 28th September

Standings for 1998 have been posted, as well as the League Leaders for both batting and pitching, for this year.

Thursday 24th September

All of the World Series, ALCS, NLCS, and All Star game files are now on this server.

Monday 21st, September

Changed over most baseball files.

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